DIE REISE - SSSmithS nightmuSicS

Extended music for flute and vibraphone by Stuart Saunders Smith

Honesty (Flöte & Vibraphon)
A Liturgy of the Hours (Flöte solo)

Flöte. Sylvie Lacroix
Vibraphon. Berndt Thurner

Stuart Saunders Smith is an American composer, editor and poet. He has come to create a diverse and unusual body of musical and literary compositions. His music is impressive in both the breadth of its scope and the richness of its diverisfication. As a reflection of the multiplicity, his scores themselves stand out as exciting and orginal examples of the variety of contemporary developments in musical notation.

Stuart Saunders Smith is not an eclectic, but his style is unpredictable from piece to piece. He is, rather, in the forefront of a trend to encompass in one output the diversity of the contemporary music world. His interest in notation and in indeterminate composition has developed into pieces which will work for any performer, even an actor or a dancer. This has led him into a kind of theater which reintegrated the arts at their compositional roots. The unifying thread in all of his works is a primary interest in the psychology of performance.