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MBZ News, Mai 2009 (Programm)

A Circus at the Trešnja Theatre

An eagerly expected opera included in the 2009 MBZ programme, Circus, by composer Jury Everhartz was performed yesterday at the Trešnja Theatre. Kristine Tornquist is the author of text and director for this production of the Vienna-based Sirene Operntheater.
According to the director of the adapted version, Rainer Vierlinger, the opera is actually a story about the similarity between animals and humans dealing with the situations that can easily happen in any family. The story takes place in a circus, of course, including a circus manager, a woman acrobat, a lion-tamer, a clown, and a bearded girl. These four characters also appear in the role of animals representing the other hidden extreme of human beings, which does come to the surface at crucial moments.
Composer Jury Everhartz wrote the music typical of the circus atmosphere with lots of percussion and brass instruments, which was performed with quite a success by the Croatian Army Orchestra under the baton of Anna Sushon. As Rainer Vierlinger said, this is very interesting music which is at the same time mellow and appealing.
The noisy orchestral background filled with a variety of different sounds fits well into the story behind the Circus, which at intervals appears to be just like characters, somewhat bizarre and unbalanced. However, the lavish stage design, fantastic costumes, and very dynamic direction have surely contributed to the positive visual impression of the show.

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