Jonathan Allen

Allen, Jonathan

Künstler und Magier.

Jonathan Allen ist Künstler, Schriftsteller und Erzieher. Er lebt in London. Seit den frühen 1990er Jahren werden seine Arbeiten in England und international viel gezeigt und seine Werke publiziert. Allen ist Kurator des Magic Circle Museum, London.

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl):
2016 Casting for the voice of Strength Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London >
2016 Twenty-First-Century Silks, Ryan Lee Gallery, New York>
2007-8 Kalanag David Risley Gallery, London, UK >
2006 Tommy Angel David Risley Gallery, London, UK >
1998 Feint Deutsche Bank Lobby Gallery, New York, USA >
1998 Second Truths Site Gallery Sheffield, UK >
1997 The Float in the Sight of Things, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, UK >
1993 Hot Air Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK >
1991 Landscapes of Risk Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK >

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl):
Vetllada(after Joan Brossa), Queen Mary's Univ. London, UK>
We Are Publication, at 21, Focal Point Gallery Southend, UK>
We Are Publication, London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery UK >
We Are Publication, 'Notes on a Carpet', Five Years, London,UK >
VIII Bienal de Jafre >
ARTEFACT: The Act of Magic, STUK, Leuven, Belgium >
Drawing 2017, The Drawing Room, London >
Explode Everyday MASS MoCA, Massachessetts, USA >
Drawing 2015, The Drawing Room, London >
London, Diagram of an hour, We Are Publication, broadcast on Resonance FM >
Wunderkammer with Sirene Operntheater, curated by Brigitte Felderer , Vienna, Austria
Shortness - A very short conference and a very long dinner, Tate Modern Symposia
Drawing 2009, The Drawing Room, London >

Publikationen (Auswahl):
2016 The Mansion House Tavern of Crossed Destinies Cabinet issue 49: The North >
2016 Lost Envoy Strange Attractor Press >
2014 Sincere deceivers Truth is Concrete, steirischerherbst
2013 Where No Trickery Abounds Cabinet issue 49: DEATH
2013 All Done For Kindness commissioned text for The Magic of the State, Lisson Gallery London & Beirut Gallery, Cairo
2013 Animalisms File Note #77[Serena Korda]Camden Art Centre
2013 Jubrique ? Cabinet Cabinet issue 48: TREES
2013 Song of the Open Road at 132 centimeters Aarchitecture issue 18, Architectural Association.
2013 Strategic Arborealism Cabinet issue 48: TREES
2012 Curiosity & Method:Ten Years of Cabinet contributor >
2012 23 Components for a Book RCA London contributor >
2012 Pitufo Blues Cabinet Magazine NY issue 45: 24 HOURS
2011 Fishli & Weiss, Microtate Tate Etc magazine
2010 Pop Art Cabinet Magazine NY, issue 38: BUBBLES

Jonathan Allen